Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself!

Post by Hub Administrator on Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:52 pm

Here you can, you guessed it, introduce yourself to the Universal Realms Project and other role-players. When introducing yourself, you are not required to give your real name, but you may give it if you wish. Suggestions for information when you introduce yourself are how much experience in RP you have, any characters you have either in a UR world or in other RP forums, and what kinds of RP themes you may like. These allow other players to know what you bring to the table, so to speak.

Another good idea, though up to your own discretion, is more personal information about where you live and whether you are a student, work, etc. These details are personal, but help other players know when you are available to participate in role-playing adventures and are thus useful for coordination.

Finally, be sure to try and greet new players! Even if it's little more than a simple hello, welcoming those who join the Universal Realm forums helps nurture the most important element of any RP: the community. A friendly community is a strong community.

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