What is a World?

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What is a World?

Post by Hub Administrator on Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:44 pm

In the Universal Realms Project, each forum website is its own world, made according to the wishes of the administrator who creates it. Note that a "world" may not necessarily be a planet; it could be a small group of planets, an plane of existence, or a flat world held up by 4 elephants on the back of a giant turtle sailing through the cosmos.

Worlds that are part of the Universal Realm are required to follow a basic structure:

  • A world must utilize a "tag" system, where topics within the forums are denoted by a word or phrase to indicate whether the topic is made for casual role-playing, advanced role-playing, asking questions, playing non-RP games, player homes, or anything else the admin decides. The admin decides what tags to use, but suggested tags include tags for casual role-play, advanced role-play, rules for the different sections of the forum, and non-role-playing topics.
  • A world must have a topic or topics describing the world, so that players know whether the world is mostly ocean, a bunch of planetoids, has no sun or moon, as well as details such as the level of technology, interaction with other worlds, and the level of presence of magic or other supernatural powers and beings.
  • A world must also have easy-to-access information about topics required to participate in the forum, including how to make a character, how subjects like skills work, and how the game's economy and social structure work.
  • Being made for RP, a world should have a system for making a character at minimum, but should also include systems for money, skill progression, and reputation within the world.
  • A world should be structured so that different areas within the world have their own forum, and more specific locations like buildings, caves, and small towns should be represented by topics.

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