Constructive Criticism

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Constructive Criticism

Post by Hub Administrator on Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:06 pm

The Universal Realms Project is a continually developing project, and thus is open to any new ideas to help expand it and refine it.

If you have a suggestion, we ask that you first check to see that someone else has not already made the same suggestion. If the suggestion has already been made, then you can show support for that idea by commenting in that topic instead!

If your suggestion is original, then you should make your own topic. Make sure to describe your idea as well as you can, and try to include details on how your idea can be implemented best into the current system.

Anyone may discuss an idea someone else brings up, but courtesy as always is expected. Do not simply tell someone that their idea is bad or stupid; instead, try to define what you believe makes that idea ineffective r otherwise why it should not be implemented. Even better, try to suggest ways to improve the idea so it makes more sense or can be more easily used. If someone criticizes your idea, whether or not they are polite or concise, do not harass them for it. Hopefully, they are only trying to help improve the project, and their opinion is no less important than your own. If they are harassing you or others or otherwise not contributing to the suggestion process, you may inform a moderator or administrator, and they will remove any unproductive posts as necessary.

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